What is a Hard Money Loan?What Kinds of Rehab Loans Does SCL Offer?How Does the Loan Timetable Work?Do you have any Prepayment Penalties?What Kinds of Loans Does SCL Fund?

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are a form of financing where private parties lend money to borrowers who use real property as security. Also known as rehab, swing or bridge loans, these financial tools attract investors who seek relatively safe, substantial returns.

How Do Personal Credit Scores Impact Hard Money Loan Eligibility?

We may choose to lend to borrowers whose FICO credit scores fall below certain limits at our discretion. In such cases, we also reserve the right to ask these borrowers to furnish larger down payments to reduce our loan-to-value to acceptable ratios.

What Kinds of Rehab Loans Does SCL Offer?

We facilitate loans and sell property notes to various private investors. Many of our clients are real-estate investors. These parties borrow money to purchase assets that they subsequently fix and flip, or refurbish and sell for significant profit.

How Does the Loan Timetable Work?

Provided that we receive accurate, signed documentation in a timely fashion, we’re able to offer expedited loan approval processes. Although certain loans, such as those associated with construction, may require additional time to close, we fund many loans within five business days.

We also make special allowances for our clients’ unique situational requirements. Unlike some lenders, we approve transactions with a focus on catering to your needs.

Do you have any Prepayment Penalties?

Unique things about our loan products are that we have options anywhere from 0-6 month prepayment period on case by case basis.

What Kinds of Loans Does SCL Fund?

We proudly work with all types of commercial property, bridge loans and construction loans. With residential properties, we focus on non-owner occupied holdings.

Private Money Benefits & Flexibility

As Low As 5% Down

Financing up to 95% on fix and flip properties.

Close Within 7 Days

Get funded in under 7 days with 24 hour commitments.

Hard Money Potential

Need to close fast so that you can get to work? Thanks to our streamlined hard money loan process, it’s never been easier to move your financing forward.

We’ve eliminated barriers to entry for qualified clients by reducing our rates and minimizing down payments. Thanks to our sole focus on Californian, Texan and Arizonan investment properties, we’re able to deliver bespoke lending terms and letters of credit that keep countless businesses in motion. Get in touch now to put hard money to good use.

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